Monday, December 29, 2014

BiBiJo Express - Korean Cuisine

T'was cold and rainy in a December day, the best thing to do is to get something that warms my belly.
 Inside H-Mart, there are several places that serves noodles, stone noodles, rock bowl, bowl rice...etc.  I wanted to get something warm to my belly, so decided to give them a try.
It was a special they were promoting, which is spicy pork rock noodles.  They are not as spicy as I'd thought it'd be.  I would say the heat came from the rock bowl, which is pretty sizzling hot.  The temps were for sure there.  The spice is there, it's not hot enough that a wimp like me can't take.  It is for sure flavorful.  The pork is definitely generous portion, the flavor got soaked into the soup.  And you get some kimchi in there, which makes the whole thing yummy.  They serve the bowl with rice, and apparently, they have little side dishes behind the sign that you are free to have along with your dish and rice.  For $8.99 you can't ask for more... as a matter of fact, my tummy was warmer for it.

Bibijo Express
1302 Blalock Blvd.
Houston, TX 

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