Monday, December 22, 2014

Arirang Korea Restaurant

Been meaning to try this place, been driving by for years...
The reason we haven't is mainly in a separate shopping center to itself.  We finally made the trip.
 They are known for their dumplings, which was interesting because I didn't know much about Korean dumplings.  I will say they do taste home made not frozen.  And the filling is done very well too.  This one we have is pork and cabbage.
 I love the Korean BBQ, every table has a grill.  Our grill in particular seems to be weak, took a little longer to cook even the beef, despite the fact that it's already thinly sliced.  And of course, I really go there for the little side dishes.  They have picked cucumber, kimchi tofu skin, kimchi potato, plain kimchi, spinach, spiced tofu, sprouts, and spiced lettuce.  

I will say, for the spread, it is more expansive than other restaurant of the compable size and food.  For the beef dish, they were charging $17.95, and if you want the seafood combo, they cost $79.95.  So, it's not cheap.  In terms of quality, the chicken seemingly would've been ok, so while the taste was decent, the meat was dried.  The beef was so-so, not terrible but also not something that I must come back here for.  I'd say fair at best.  You can see the entire menu on their Facebook page.

Arirang Korean Restaurant
9715 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77036

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