Monday, December 15, 2014

The Counter

I can honestly say the last time I was at the Counter, I was still pregnant.  Given the kid now walks, I'd say it's been a while.
 They changed their format a bit.  They have a mini binder of a menu, then at the very end is their checklist to make your own burger.  I guess the choices overwhelms people so they give you some ideas with the menu.  
 Got a Chocolate Shake... sorry took a few sips before remembering to take a picture.
 I had the burger, Medium Well with Cheddar and Onion Confit and Aioli Sauce on the side.  Originally, I was going to put Hickory BBQ sauce, but our server was just telling us that several customers didn't like the new batch of hickory sauce, and advised against me getting it.  So, I took the advice and get my default Aioli sauce.  Trust me, if you get that, you can't go wrong, I was just trying to explore other sauces.
For side, I got onion strings.  They come with this buttermilk ranch that is awesome and addictive.  And also the Hickory BBQ sauce, and I get why it was bad.  The texture was thin as water, and it was not going to stick to anything, if it's not going to stick to the fried onion strings it's not going to stay on a burger.  I did dip a onion string to test it out, and I didn't even finish it... so good call, Mr. Server.

Overall, the Counter is pretty reliable, mainly if you custom made your burger you just need to know your own taste buds.  I did see they are running alot of drinks specials to match their audience on Washington Ave.  I will say that the Adult Milkshakes looks intriguing, and probably wouldn't mind giving that a shot in the near future.

The Counter
4601 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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