Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hong Kong Food Street

Took my mom for her birthday dinner, and she picked...
 For our veggie, we did ginger stir fry style snow peas.  I can stand for them to be more ripe. These were a tad on the young side.
 Japanese Style Short Ribs - I swear the last time I had it, it was less sauce and more sizzle.  But this time was very full of sauce.  Still tasted good, but I swear last time it was more pan fried sizzle.
This is meat pancake with salty fish hot pot rice.  The meat pancake has pork and some salty fish in it.  Mom said that salt fish is more expensive now so they don't put alot in the pancake. That's so strange to me, because growing up salty fish is a peasant food, it's a super cheap everywhere.  Now, it's actually hard to come by.  That's very odd to me, how a everyday food to a delicacy.

Keep in mind that if you order the hotpot rice, it takes 20 mins.  They are cooking the rice from scratch, so it does take that long.  Either you order if when you sit down, or expect to wait a bit.

Hong Kong Food Street
9750 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

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