Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Five Guys

Whenever we're out in Katy, we will always stop by Five Guys.
Amazingly, the small fries is supposed to be that small, but it came with a big bag of over flow.  Note to self, ask for kid's size, which will probably be correct.  A quick note, they also cook it in peanut oil, in case you have peanut allergies.
This is a Little Hamburger, which is really a normal size hamburger.  I had lettuce, bbq sauce, and mushroom, and that's already lots.  If you're real hungry, get the double, which has 2 patties and add all the toppings you want, which will guarantee you to be full.

Five Guys Burgers
1150 N. Fry Road
Suite A
Houston, TX 77084

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