Monday, July 17, 2017

Fuji Ramen King

Drove down Holcomb and found this hole in the wall place... curiosity kills the cat, let's see what they're about...
They've got bubble tea, but since I'm eating savory, figured that I'll save the bubbles for later.
Got a side of egg roll to start... sometimes I just want junk food... it's nice an quick from the fryer.
This is their Tonkotsu ramen.  The noodle is the thick egg noodles, the fish cakes are the standard ones you buy at any Asian Supermarket, but the veggie, scallions are fresh.  I will comment that the meat is surprisingly tasty.  Nice and soft, not too chewy.  The broth doesn't have much taste, but the meat was good and made up for that.

So this is a mom and pop shop, they do mostly take-outs, but if you walk in, they do have some seatings for that.  The shop is so small that you basically can't really turn around, so grab your seat and sit down.  They also offer Baos, Banh-mi, BBQ Skewers.  It's not bad for a quick neighborhood joint.  

Besides bubble tea, they also have smoothies, fancy coffee of types, handmade buns for special order available too.  If parking at the front is unavailable or too scary to pull out, there are more parking at the back of the building.

Fuji Ramen King
2518 Holcomb
Houston, TX 

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