Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sushi Sakura Express

So my mom-friend Hillary was telling me about sushi belt, so decided to go check it out.
 It's by I-10 & Wirt, can't miss it, but from looking at it, you wouldn't know it's a conveyor belt sushi... except, there's no belt per se, it's all magnet.
Pretty big menu.  They charge you by the color of your plate.  So, don't expect to clear your plates, just stack them. 
 We got super awesome seating... right by the chefs, which means food are super fresh as they come out.
 Food comes to you, just grab.  While it may seems weird to reach across, but it's not a faux pas here.
 Just a few sample, they have hot and cold dishes... sushi roll, dumpling (recommended), squid salad (not bad).
 The inside of the sushi maki is spicy salmon and the top is tuna... yum (note blue plate $$$).  Don't worry about the $$$ signs, the most expensive dish is $4.50.
 Left top (clockwise): squid salad, Black pepper Tuna, Salmon (pretty fresh), Red Snapper.
 Marinated seared salmon (pretty yummy).
 Those circle where the plates rest on are magnets.  They even have signs telling you not to mess with it.  Pretty neat, like a mini magnet train logic, moving food around.
 If you don't see what you want, you can always order.  The kitchen is at the back, but they too have a window to put food thru.
They even have dim sum for appetizers, here's Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), Shui Mai (pork dumpling). 

So, our visit was pretty fun.  They seated us right by where the chefs put out food, so all of our stuff is super fresh.  Though, you can tell, they have a routine of putting a batch of something at a time, and you have to wait till they do something or order for it.  

We'd figured out that strategically speaking, any seat at the front bar is good, food rotate there first.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can reach across, though it feels weird.  If you end up at the booths, the right back side is also an optimal seat because that's where the food from the kitchen go thru first.  They also have fruit, desserts, cakes, and Yakult (random but useful).

Overall, prices can get expensive just grabbing plates.  Know the company you go with, because if you guys can split, you can do that and save room to try more stuff.  If not, for 2 people $50 is not unusual.

Sushi Sakura Express
1014 Wirt Rd
Ste 263
Houston, TX 77055

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