Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coat & Thai

One of my favorite things to do in Austin is to go down to SOCO and to the food truck park and see what yummy-ness I can find.

This time I decided to try Coat & Thai.
For appetizer, I got an order of spring roll.  It is accompanied by sweet sauce.
Got a beef pad thai, it was actually really good.

Couple problems I had at the food truck park, if the food truck is good, naturally you'll have to wait in line.  That, I'm actually ok with.  But, that also meats that seating in front would be limited.  I'm not sure what's the protocol if you sit at the seating that were in front of the other trucks, but that didn't seem right to me.  Another thing is bees.  Yes, bees.  I can deal with flies, but bees, no thank you.  I'm just trying to avoid getting stung, I also have to fight with them over my own food?  Oh geez.  They are quite vicious too, they have no fear that you may try to trap them into the box, or trap them and drown them in the sauce they were attracted to.  I just decided that no egg rolls is worth it.... so I barely had couple of bites and it all went to the bees.  So I was forced to throw it all out.  Hope it was as good as the bees liked them.

Coat & Thai
1600 S. Congress
Austin, TX 

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