Friday, April 26, 2013

Rose Macarons

So for the same wedding I was making the Durian cookies.
I made some rose ones... 
Just 1.5 tsp of rose water goes a long way, especially when they are very potent.
I always like it to go with a white chocolate filling.  You do about 3oz of white chocolate chip with 1 tsp of butter (room temp) and make sure you get 1/3 c of heavy cream (heated) and mix it all together with the rose water. 

Let cool before using.  I like to put it in the fridge for a day or two before using it.  Make sure you use saran wrap and have the plastic stick to the chocolate so it won't form a skin.  When it forms a skin, the rest of the bowl of chocolate doesn't get harden as easily.
Pretty pink with the rose gel, huh?  
Once baked, I piped the shell with a different tip.  Recently my favorite is the star tip, and it comes out prettier once you put the top and bottom together.  It's definitely add a fancy spin to it.

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Kate Horton said...

Rose seems like a popular flavor at the patisseries - from where did you get your rosewater?