Monday, April 8, 2013

Michi Ramen

So trying to find noodles in Austin at any time you want when you want it, is no easy thing.
I barely got to Michi Ramen before they close for lunch break.
Here's your basic noodle dishes to start, you can get the broth light, regular, or thick.  You can add extra spicy, meat, veggie... etc.
I ordered some gyoza, all I can say that it doesn't taste homemade.  
I had the Sapporo, with no corn but they left the butter on, how weird is that?  They use egg noodles, and the broth is nice.  The meat has the taste of the broth, which I like how it's soaked and marinated.  

I love that they are so up to date with the iPad to take orders and use it as a check out device.  You can customize your noodles and you can even add rice if you want.  Their mochi  is from Bubbies, so nothing homemade.  Do watch out that they stop lunch service at 2pm, and won't resume for dinner until 5p.  I do love that they got parking available for customers.

Michi Ramen
6519 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78752

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