Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chuanr - Skewer Bar

While hanging out in Chinatown, we spotted a new restaurant...
It looks like barbeque of some sort... so out of hunger and curiosity, we walked in.
We ordered some dumpling to start... while the look resemble a great deal of frozen dumplings, it does taste pretty good.  They give you the sesame soy sauce, very tasty.
As promised, the barbequed skewers.  We had squid, the legs and body.
Barbequed fried squid, mushroom, beef, and pork.

So, here's the thing... the squid and mushrooms were good.  The beef and the pork were so-so.  They put too much of the Sa Cha sauce on it, and sometimes, the skewers doesn't need much marinating or just some basic marinate will do the trick.  The beef was dried, and the pork was ok just too much of whatever they marinated with.  

Here's another thing, when I read the menu it said 5 per order.  Not realizing that there are 5 pieces per skewer, so for two people, what you see, definitely is not enough.  So, make sure you order two or three per order, it does come in 5 pieces individually.  The other thing for this place, which I think it's such a misnomer, and that is, they are actually pushing much of their hot pot.  They have half the menu in skewers and the other half in hot pot.  Then why call yourself a skewer bar?  You should call yourself hot pot.  There were some stuff on the menu, that were sides, and apparently you have to order the hot pot in order to get the sides, so maybe I'll come back and try the hot pot when it gets cooler.

I've heard from people who think their service was impolite, I didn't have that issue myself.  I only witness them short staffed and wasn't able to handle a crowd in an off hour.  Key to Chinatown, even off peak hours can get busy.  Wasn't horrible at all, just one versus 6 tables wasn't as efficient is all.

Chuanr - Skewer Bar
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Ste C-314
Houston, TX 77036

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