Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ramen In Common

So, it was a nice of Thomas from Samurai Noodles to host an event with Ramen in Common members.
Even though he wasn't able to serve us the true Samurai's noodle...
he still brought the pork, egg, bamboo, and seaweed, and of course, broth with him.  Everything was pretty perfect despite of using the temporary kitchen.  The broth was good and egg was the exact 60 degree soft boil egg.  The noodle had elasticity, not super chewy but good and consistent. Of course the broth is piping hot just as a nice bowl of noodles should.
At the end of the meal, Chef Thomas brought us mochi, sake and just asked us as consumer of ramen, what we look for, what we we pay, and what is important to us.  I definitely appreciate that he took these extra measure to take a temperature of the Houston market.   The shop will be situated between the neighborhood of Heights and party-ers of Washington.  It shows that he knows how finicky the Houston consumers can be and he wanted to get things right to ensure success of the shop.  You definitely need to visit when they open.

1801 Durham #2
Houston, TX

Ramen in Common

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