Monday, October 27, 2014

Onion Creek

Went to a friends gathering, more like a going away and the gathering spot was Onion Creek.  You should note that there's more than one creek on White Oaks, so you don't get it confused.
I got a Woodchuck Hard Cider, very delicious on a warm fall day.
When we decided to get something to nibble, we got: the Trio, which has salsa, queso, and guacamole.  The queso was good.
Meat Lover pizza, which has ham, salami, Italian Sausage, and pepperoni.
This is the Margherita Pizza: which has 3 cheeses, tomato, and basil.
Here's the Med Plate, which has pita bread with spinach artichoke hummus and feta salad sauce.

I know it's all appetizers, but since we have a group of people, it was easier to get a bunch of share plates.  I would say that the queso was awesome, the guac is good.  The pizzas are well done and since it's personal size, you'll need at least a couple to share.  

Onion Creek
3106 White Oak
Houston, TX 77007

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