Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Bear Diner

We found a place called Black Bear Diner.
Apparently, they are all over the West Coast and the Northwest.  
Totally cutesy and themed, they have their own jukebox, and bears everywhere, on clothing, dolls, housewares that you can take home.
Oooh pies.  Did you see the little bear signs?  Too cute, right?
By the way, this is their kids' menu.  It's like a newspaper, but there are activities on the inside pages.
This is the grown up menus.
Food selection, I know you can't see exactly but it's cute.  Mainly because when you're looking for food of your choice, you look like you're reading a newspaper to the others.
Even the back page is cute, they got the retro adds for various items that you would want or need in the 1930s.  From reading the credits, they even did their research and pull stories of locals in the area and printed them here.  I wonder if other locations has other stories pertaining to that area.
Here comes the food, this is Corned Beef Hash.  It's huge, lots of food that help you store up for Winters for months.  It has 2 eggs, the Corned beef, the hash brown (light and toasted), toasts, and fruit.  I basically touched a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and that was it.  Couldn't possibly eat it all.  But for $10.99, this is a great value compares to IHOP that we had earlier in the week.

The entire place is kitch, even their hot sauce is Bear branded.  This is a full on diner, but nicer and not dingy.  The bar stools are all made out of wood chunks with carvings of bears or pun with bears in them.  It's super cute, food is good, that helps too.

Black Bear Diner
7005 Knott Ave
Buena Park, CA 90260

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