Thursday, December 5, 2013

Barnaby's Cafe

Haven't been to Barnaby's for a while. I missed their breakfast. 
I tried the original location, if you're not there early, you can pretty much forget about it. So instead, we went to the River Oaks location. Plus, it's been a ling timesince I went there. 

I love their Huveos Rancheros.  You get generous amounts of eggs, potatoes and beans. I don't care for the beans much, to be honest. Not just theirs, just in general.  I do love their potato and their fresh squeeze OJ. It's the little things, I tell ya.

Just like Baby Barnaby's, go early for breakfast, or you'll be waiting. Though, waiting inside is better than out during winter. And be careful anout parking. Parking lot is small, you can park mext door if they are closed. Otherwise, it's street parking for you!

Barnaby's Cafe
River Oaks
1701 S. Shepherd
Houston, Tx

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