Monday, December 30, 2013

Cloud 10

Since we were down at Coppa for lunch, we walked over to have ice cream at Cloud 10.
Last I was there, it was when they were having their soft opening.  They definitely got the business down pat.
Since there were 3 of us, we decided to split a banana split.  You never understood how good banana is with ice cream, or why we don't have ice cream and banana more often.  We have mixed in: Toasted Rice, which was super creamy and not tasted rice at all.  Black Sesame Chocolate which was not heavy on the sesame or on the chocolate, but together they work.  Not super creamy, but it was good balanced.   And lastly we had vanilla bean, which was a classic.

For the topping, they had this awesome strawberry topping, which worked really really well with the vanilla bean.  The nuts with chocolate sesame, and the Toasted Rice had the hard shell chocolate.  I will say that I liked the toppings except the hard shell.  The rest is pretty good.  I kept licking the strawberry topping.  For $9 that's a pretty good deal for the 3 of us.

The trick of going there, is to expect they have different flavors when you go, because they use what's seasonal.  They also have ice cream desserts like Rocky Road pop, Ice Cream cake...etc.  Go give them a try.

Cloud 10 Creamery
5216 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005

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