Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coppa Osteria

For pre-Christmas lunch with friends, we decided to meet up at Coppa's newest location in the Village.
Amazingly, parking was easy to find, both on the street (free and metered), they also allow you park at the building's parking garage for $1 an hr, and of course they have valet for $5.  
When I arrived, I was super hungry, and while we were waiting for our last friend to arrive, we ordered the Frito Misto.  I will say that it was smaller than I remembered.  But looking back, it was about the same.  Of course, we ate every last bit of it because it was so good.
This is the Ragatoni with prosciutto sans peas.  The parmesan cream was super delicious, I just want to wipe my entire plate clean with that.  Of course, having that cream was not enough, I asked for more parmesan.  Our server was so nice that he brought a small plate of shredded parm.  Not to mention, they made the pasta in house, and this one is made with chickpea rice flour, which is gluten free.  Now, they have several pasta dishes that are not gluten free, but check with your server.  

Coppa Osteria
Rice Village Location
5210 Morningside Rd
Houston, TX 77005

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