Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mia's Table

I was meeting a friend for some quick BBQ bite.  And we landed at Mia's
I guess they are really more a burger type joint, since they do have nice hand spun milkshake.  Using the local Blue Bell Ice Cream, of course.
I got the Hickory Burger, which looked like a hot dog when it came out.  I kinda regretted the cheddar, just felt really filling.  I think the onion, bacon, and BBQ sauce is more than enough.  Can definitely do without the cheddar.

I love that they have plenty of parking even though the nearby businesses takes up alot of spaces along the street.  Beware on the days that has any kinda of games on the screens, this is a popular congregating place.  One nice thing is that they have all you can eat ice cream on your way out... we saw a little girl that kept going up and either her family or staff or other guests feel bad for her that she can't reach the pullie and got her ice cream.  It was quite funny to watch.

Mia's Table
3131 Argonne St
Houston, TX 77098

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