Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Regal Seafood - dim sum

So went to Regal reently, saw that they do dim sum on the weekend...
Naturally I drag my mom to go with me.
We ordered the Shanghai Soup Dumplings, steaming hot when it came out.
Har Gow - Shrimp Dumpling, pretty decent.  Also came out piping hot.
Rice Noodle Hong Kong Street style... sadly they put too much peanut sauce, not enough soy sauce or the sweet plump sauce... felt like I ate a big thing of peanut butter.
Steamed pork bun - the bun is ok, the bun itself were a bit thick, harder to get to the filing.

This is sesame glutinous rice ball wrapped in sugar.  It's what we called sweet dumpling with grind sesame inside.  Instead of in a sweet soup, it's rolled in couple types of sugar.  It tasted ok there, but when you take it home, the whole things melts and the rice gets hard quick.  Best enjoy it there.
This is Har Gow but fried and spiced up.  It's crispy and the flakes you see are pepper flakes, so between the temperature and the spicy hotness... I'll pass next time, not that it doesn't taste good, I'm just a whimp.

The price is a bit high for normal dim sum, I'm thinking I'm eating the atmosphere and decoration of the place.  This is a high end E-Tao.  That said, it was strange... several of the dishes came out piping hot, but as soon as the steam dissipate, the entire dish goes cold... so we ate alot of the dishes cold.  Very odd.

Also, going early always pays... they begin serving dim sum at 11am, and we went a few minutes after they open, and we were seated quickly, food came out quickly.  Albeit the problem mentioned above about things cooling off, also, quickly.  But as we leave, more and bigger parties arrive near lunch time, and the wait started to backup, so you know, it's the beginning of rush hour.

Food is not bad, but also nothing to write home about.  The only thing is that they do offer a few dishes that are nostalgic to those of us who liked to eat street style food.  And now that it's been 'up-marketed' it's just doesn't taste the same.  But since this is the only place in town, by default, you are going there for that one thing... C'est la vie.

Regal Seafood
Dim Sum on weekends only
12350 Southwest Freeway
Stafford, TX 77477

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