Monday, February 16, 2015

Yia Yia Mary's

For my friend's birthday, we went to Yia Yia Mary's.   
 It has been a while since I went there.
 Which also means it's been a while since I had the Strawberry & Lime Sparkler.  It's an awesome refresher.
 For starter, we had the Dolmades, this is just lemon rice stuffed inside.  It's a bit more stuffed than I'd like... because once you bite into it, the whole thing falls apart.  But the taste is there still... the tzatziki sauce was a tad solid for sauce.
Had the Gyro, I was jonesing for some, and the cut is definitely generous.  The tzatziki sauce is much better here.  And you do get fill up on the meat.  I didn't finish eating the pita bread.  Again taste is good.  I forgot that they do churn out decent tasting food.

Service was kinda off, not sure if our server is anticipating a busy night or what, but he didn't come and check up on us and instead of asking how everything was, gave us our check like we needed to leave, when it was lunch and not at all busy.  That was kinda curious.

Yia Yia Mary's
4747 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77056

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