Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Teppay Sushi

Haven't been to Teppay for a long time.  Mostly because fighting Westheimer traffic just put me out of mood.
BUT!  Did you know they do lunch too?
Agadashi Tofu - yum!!!!  My friends are always afraid of the fish flakes... it's stuck there with fresh grained radish and dashi sauce
Ahh, the main event!  Sushi!!!  So we have my usual standards: Tuna, Salmon, chopped Scallops, Unagi, and what they're known for Tamago.  The reason they're known for it is because they use organic eggs and they can cook it super fluffy and sweet.  You don't that many places you go.
This is an impulse buy, Uni.  They were at the sushi counter window and I saw it, and haven't had fresh ones for a long time, so I can't help myself.  Though I've had fresher, also here at Teppay,  but this round not so much.  

That said, lunch is totally worth coming for.  First of all, you know the food you get is top notch.  Second, they have 2 servers and you do get faster service.  Third, easier to find parking, unlike the evening situations.  Definitely worth checking out.  Lunch is 11:30 till 2pm.

6516 Westheimer Rd
at Hillcroft
Houston, TX 77057

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