Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sal y Pimienta

Finally got a chance to go to Sal & Pimienta...
 It's was a slow night... we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.
 To start, we have some in-house made potato chips, dig deeper there's bread in the back.  Go great with chimichurri.  Be careful not to get all filled up with the chips.
 Here's their proud display of meat. 
 For starter, we got ceviche with flounder and lime juice... I like how they balance the seafood with the lime juice.
 Also have their calamari, it's pretty good, the batter is not that thick, which is not too heavy before the entree.
 Ribeye!  The were cooked supremely well, not well as in how it was cooked, but it's great as in tasting... LOL.
 Short ribs, which is the center cut.  Potato terrine was yummy!
 The pork chop was pretty much the star of the evening.  It was delicious, moist, cooked well and it has fig chutney which goes well and super awesome.
For dessert, we got the Cuatro Leche, which has 4 milk.  It's delicious.  

The night we were there it was light crowd.  Apparently, the later the night, the more crowded they get, but I'm sure if you go to a weeknight dinner you'll get dedicated service.  Parking is not easy, there's a garage behind the building, so you can park there and walk back.  On a weekend night however, good luck!  City Centre is known for being packed.

Sal Y Pimienta
818 Town and Country Blvd
Ste 105
Houston, TX 77024

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