Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ruggles Black - Valentine's Day version...

So for Valentine's Day, we went to Ruggles Black.
 They did have a special that night, on top of the normal menu.
Ordered a cocktail and turned out they don't have everything a full bar would, so I settled for a Amaretto Sour, figured you can't go wrong with that, right?  Well, I was hoping there'd be more sour in there instead of just alcohol.
I saw the Brussels Sprouts, and was curious how they tasted.  It was okay, they paired it with lime, but didn't balance out very well.  It turned out more sour and a bit bitter.  Sadly, this ain't no Uchi Brussels Sprouts.
Beef Bolognese with spaghetti squash.  It was as good as it was at Corner Table.
We went all out on the dessert... first was the Creme Brulee, which we knew it would be good.  As we've had it at Corner Table, Ruggles Bakery, and Ruggles Green.
Then we also have the paleo dessert, where it's their version of Almond Joy cake.  It was good, and it does taste like almond joy with the coconut pieces squeeze inside.  Since I couldn't finish it, took it home.  Sadly, it didn't hold up at home.  So the lesson, kids, finish it there!

That night was a tad awkward.  The server was a total wine snob, but he was busy showing up his skills with the other table as though we're not worthy to learn more.  On top of that, he was busy rubbing elbows with the ladies.  The other odd thing was that while I am fully aware that Valentine's is a busy dining night.  They told us that if we arrive between 6-9pm, we'll be seated outside.  But when we got there, at 6p there were plenty of seats in the dining room.  Even as late as 7:30p, there were plenty of room in the dining area.  So, that's a tad weird.  BUT!  Not as weird that as I found out, there was a $75 minimum for the night.  HUH?  For the food that is so-so, $75 minimum is a tad steep, especially when most of the dishes are $25 and under.  We just happened to have a beverage and 2 dessert, but for average couple, that's not an easy number to hit.  Can't say that I'm impress.  Despite the fact that they are the only one that capitalizes on Paleo and pitching it to the foodie groups.

Ruggles Black
3963 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 


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