Wednesday, August 16, 2017

HRW: Xochi

It wasn't that long ago that I was at Xochi.
 This time, came back for Houston Restaurant Week.

 They had 4 menus to choose from.  While I do like the variety and choices, you can't cross menus, and there are too much decision to make.  A few minutes to look over the menu was just not enough.
 To start, I had the Fruit Mojito... of course it has rum, mint, fruit, lime, simple syrup, and soda water. The alcohol content was pretty high, I can feel it pretty quickly.  I will say, it is super refreshing for a 100 degree day, so it helps cool you off, for sure.  
 I got the Agave Menu, and Amuse Bouche course was Queso de Rancho, which came with pork rind  with avocado tomatillo sauce.  The cheese is a homemade cincho with grasshopper... yes, you read it right.  I didn't know it, and thought it was crunchy, but as I was going back to read the menu, that's how I realized what it was.  Let's say, this was a better experience with the grasshopper this round than last time. 
 Tamal de Duranzo - which is peach tamal with peach chutney.  My thing is that this is too corn for me, and I can't taste much of the peach.  It looks pretty but doesn't like it look.  It does have a kick to it, so be careful.
 This fancy dish is Cochito Ismento - which is pork shank wrapped in bacon, with pineapple (hiding in the back) that comes with roasted potato and side of spinach.  Let me tell you, this is a lot of food. The pork is nicely done, not dry, the bacon was a bit much, and I say that with pain because I do love me some bacon.  The potato is yummy but fills you up.  The spinach can be a tad softer and more juice.
Dessert, perhaps is one of my favorite: Almond Cake.  It has gin infused ice cream, dried pepper rubbed apricot, and oxacan cheese.  I can't taste the cheese, but between the ice cream, apricot and cake, it was delicious.  Not too heavy, not too filling.  Light and filling.  Super good with the summer heat.

They do offer a wine pairing for 3 of the 4 course meals.  For $28, it's actually a good deal, seeing that you would pay more than that for 3 glasses of wine.  I didn't do the pairing, since I'm a light weight, but definitely an option for you.  Since this is 4 course, technically, they charge $45 for the set.  It's actually pretty fun to see what the table next to you got and do some comparison. 

When you get there, if you have time, try to get lucky and see if you get any street parking, especially for dinner, a lot of downtown folks clears out, and you can pay the meter till 6p and after that is free.  Or, valet, but inform them that you're there for the restaurant, so they don't mistakenly charge you $29.  Or, when you get to the restaurant, let the server know, they can add that to your tab, which is good for 3 hrs.  

inside Marriot Marquis Downtown
1777 Walker St
Houston, TX 77010

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