Thursday, June 30, 2011

Azuma - Sugarland

To be honest, I haven't properly sit down for dinner at Azuma for a long while. Since they have a location across the street from work, if I do end up going there, it's usually to go. Plus, they know this crowd aside from date night, people don't ask for the delicate, neat appetizers. We are either too busy getting drunk during Happy Hour, or just having a quick bite before a show.

So when friends suggested to go to Azuma in Sugarland, that was definitely an experience. First of all, we don't usually hang out down in that part of town. The other is that, the decor looks interesting and definitely worth checking out just for that.

We ordered the beef appetizer, which is cool because you are given a very hot rock or maybe it's an iron. And you cook your meat on top. Our server advised that it's best to put them in the shape of a triangle and then put the butter inside the triangle, so when it melts, it will disburst into all directions.

I think the grade of the beef cooked in butter really made the taste. Of course, having the sight and sound right in front of you helps enhance the experience too.
I just ordered some nigiri just for tastes. I was really there for the lobster roll, which has tempura lobster which was the real main attraction for me. It's not crispy in the middle, you can taste the meat, but not too strong. I'm a sucker for any lobster roll anyway.
Our server was super attentive. He noticed that David uses gluten free soy sauce and automatically offer more. And every presentation, even though it's just sushi, he made sure from the time it was delivered to the time the plate leaves the table nothing is missed. I definitely appreciate that.

Azuma - Sugarland
15830 Southwest Freeway
Suite 100
Sugarland, TX 77478

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