Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jus Mac

My friend, Jessica , had a mac and cheese craving.  So when she suggested Jus Mac, there's no need to twist my arm.
It's a tiny spot on Yale Street in the Heights.  Just a few more blocks and it's 610.  The only key is parking.  They do have a few spots on the premise next to the building.  There's a few more behind the building.  If you want to brave it, you can go across the street.
They were running a special on Crab Mac and Cheese.  Since it's a special, there's only one size.  Otherwise, they do have a smaller personal size vs. the regular size.   I didn't have the bread, but I have to say that the mac and the cheese was delicious.  Now, I'm not a mac and cheese expert, but BRC had some pretty awesome mac and cheese a while back that was bar none the best ever.  This crab mac and cheese was top notch too.

Winter is coming upon us, and what's more perfect to warm you up than to have some mac and cheese?!  Not to mention, they have creme soda and Mexican Coke in 2 sizes.  Now, they don't have just have mac and cheese, they have other things too.  They have paninis, salad, and soup.  If you go during peak hours, or super cold days, you may have to wait in line to order and wait for a seat.  If it's tolerable, they do have some seating outside.  Worth going to enjoy it, especially if weather is good.

Jus Mac
(Heights Location)
2617 Yale Street
Houston, TX 77008

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