Monday, December 31, 2012

P.F. Chang's

It's no news that we go to P.F. Chang's pretty frequently.  We go, mainly for their gluten free menu.
One of my favorite is their crab fried rice... you see chunks of crabs all over.
Chang's spicy chicken... it's lightly battered and yes, spicy.  I just like the sauce that comes with...
And of course, side of spinach for good measure.  No one would ever accuse us of not eating our veggies!

They have a decent selection on their gluten free menu.  They used to have a mini chocolate dessert, but since they did away from that size, you only get the dome and a torte.  We were just talking about we miss dumplings, but no one in town has gf dough for it.  :(  On the upside, they now have gluten free fortune cookies, it's a coconut cookie, but you get a pretty fortune just the same.

One thing we kept hearing people talking about how this is not authentic Chinese food.  Urm... news flash, this is not!  This is American-Chinese food, which is taste adopted for the States.  I would dare say in the entire city only a hand full of places does authentic Chinese, and non of which are inside the loop, little to say in a prominent space like Highland Village.  So don't fool yourself, or let it fool you; if you want the real thing, go to Chinatown, but then it may not be something your taste buds be used to.

P F Chang's
Highland Village
4094 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 7027

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