Friday, December 28, 2012

Pumpkin Macaron

Since I didn't do too well last time on the Italian method, I thought I'd give it a try... just needed to conquer it... rawr!
You put 1-to-1 almond flour & powdered sugar, sifted and mix together.  Then add 2 egg whites into the mix.
Mix everything together so it becomes a paste... mostly just make sure no dry ingredient is not incorporated.
Then you whip the 2 egg whites on low, at the same time boil white sugar with 37g of water (which is a few drops) and boil to 112 degrees.  

When you sugar reached the temperature, you pour into your whipping egg whites, and turn it on high.
Of course, you add the egg whites to the paste and it'll become running batter, and slowly become macaronnage.  Then you're ready to pipe.
Kinda mixed results here... tons of little points (nipples) but a few turned out flat, so that's good.  
But look at the feet, it looked good based on the feet.  For sure the Italian method consistently gives a good pied.  French method is a tad touch and go, but then since I'm comfortable with that method, I'm pretty certain I can get there.

Now, what makes it a pumpkin is that I added 2tsp of pumpkin spice into the dry ingredient.  The filling, we did a pumpkin buttercream.  Just butter (room temp), powdered sugar, and slowly add in the pumpkin pie filling until fully incorporated.  And it will look wet, just have to keep going until it's incorporate into the paste.

Good luck!

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