Thursday, December 27, 2012


Recently, a bunch of friends and I went to Triniti for a dinner party.  The best part of it is that we get to order everything on the menu and share the dishes... 
Amuse Bouche
Cranberry vinegar with sliced crouton
Risotto with crab meat and pork belly
Beef tartare - has radish, edamame, with raw egg on top
Deviled Lobster - just like what you think it is, lobster with a style of deviled eggs, except no eggs are involved, there's potato that goes well.
Cheese and Meat plate with slices of cranberry bread, apples, nuts, honey, pickles, mustard, and jam.

Filet Mignon 
NY Strip with cauliflower, the little blobs are bone marrow mousse, didn't try it...
Duck with wild rice
Grilled Salmon with light cream and wild mushroom 
Quail - it's kinda neat to have a mini sweet potato brulee (on the left circle), it has some cranberry sauce
Pork Collar
Chocolate Lintzer with homemade dulce de leche ice cream
Cinnamon Pear cake with poached fig and homemade butter pecan ice cream
Chestnut Souffle with coffee sauce and mascarpone ice cream
These nipples looking thing is a after dessert - which is praline chocolate mousse
As you're going home, they sent you off with apple cinnamon muffin, which was a bit dry.

The decor for the restaurant is hip and sharp and clean.  As you can see the portion is petite, and alot of them are medium well, almost nothing cooked to well.  There's plenty of parking at the back or front of the restaurant, although, I can imagine on a busy night they have valet blocking most of the spots.

Triniti Restaurant and Bar
2815 Shepherd by Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098

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