Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Neiman Marcus Mariposa

So I met a friend for lunch inside Neiman's Mariposa.  It's been a while since I been there.  
As usual, the place is filled with ladies who lunch.  I saw a few sad husbands that got dragged there as well.  But, lucky for them, their food is pretty good.
As you first sit down, they serve you a little chicken soup.  That soup is so good, they should offer it as a dish that can be ordered.
For drink, I got a pomegranate lemonade.  It's pretty refreshing for a hot summer day.
Sorry, the picture is sideway.  But, on Yelp I saw that the souffle is the dish to order.  So I decided to order it.... To be clear, they do not need to take 30 mins like a real souffle.  It is really a chicken salad, fruit salad, fresh bread in a souffle shape, and a citrus pudding.  The sauce is dipping for fruit, it was not as good as people said it is.  The quiche I had last time was much better.    
As a classy joint would do, they wrap their mints in their beautiful envelopes.  The mints are made by a specialty place, so it is also delicious.  

Don't let this dish be your deterrent.  Their other dishes are way better.  Try the soup or their other salad or sandwich.  They also have gluten free dishes available.  Do make a reservation ahead of time, because their seating is very limited.

inside Neiman Marcus
2600 Post Oak Blvd
3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77056

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