Monday, July 14, 2014


Occasionally we like to go to Mamak for some Indonesian food.  
Since Indonesia is in the middle of all the countries, their cuisine is very influenced by all the surrounding countries.  For instance, we have Iced Thai Tea.
Singapore Street noodles.  I promise it's noodles in the bottom, you just can't see it thru the lettuce. 
Some Chinese Broccoli, because you know you need some veggie for good measure.  To get some flavor out of it, they put in some dried fish in it to bring out some saltiness out of the veggie.
Mix Satay of Chicken and Beef.  I am addicted to their peanut sauce.  It's so good and definitely has a kick of spice to it.  Of course, if you dip the side veggie which is slightly pickled, you'll find it's pretty darn good for summer dish.

When you go, make sure your entire party is there, when they are busy they do not seat incomplete parties.  Which is also why we go during off prime time.  You definitely get more attentive service and the food gets there faster and seating is not a problem.

9889 Bellaire Blvd
Facing inside of the shopping center
Houston, TX 

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