Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ramen Jin

I have been meaning to try out Ramen Jin for some time.
Some friends did not have a good experience at the beginning.  So, I waited a bit to go check them out.
Cute decor inside.  Very much themed, but it's also very casual.  You walk up to the cashier, order, and grab a seat.  There are some common tables which are good for big party or to share.
Of course, I must try their Tonkotsu.  The broth is super nice, and the pork has been marinated long enough that it falls apart when you touch it.  That's pretty awesome.  The noodles have elasticity, but I'm pretty sure they did not make it themselves. Also in the bowl is a bed of veggie, 50 degree egg, and sesame.  It all comes together very nicely.  I almost did the slurp of the broth.  
Just because my eyes were bigger than my stomach, I also ordered a side of the Tempura Sweet Potato.  I don't know what the sprinkles were, but it added more sweet flavor to the sweet potato.  I highly recommend it.  As a matter of fact, I think my next trip would come and try all of their snack menu, they all sounded pretty good.  And I did not realize this, but their sweet dessert menu has organic egg pudding, apparently it's a specialty of the store, so I would need to make room for that next time.  Just keep in mind, they are not open on Sundays.

Ramen Jin
11181 Westheimer Rd
at Wilcrest
Houston, TX 77401

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