Monday, April 3, 2017

Ballpark - Minute Maid

Since today is opening day for the Astros...  
... thought I dig up a post I've been holding since the end of last season.
We were seated where it is now called the Lexus Field Club.  It has a bar at the top level, and then 2 levels of bar seating but you get a prime view of the entire field.  You really feel like you're part of the field.

I got the fan fair food, chicken strips and fries, of course beers to boot.  They had a deal for $20, you get drinks, main course and ice cream.  And it's a pint of ice cream, needless to say, I didn't brave that.
On one side is the former hill, and the other is the bullpen where they warm up.  So, it was cool to see them throwing practice balls at 80+ mph up close in person.  It was an experience.

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