Monday, April 10, 2017

General Public

Went to General Public for dinner...
I've heard about them, and besides the fact that they serve Whiskey, I didn't know much about their food.
Love the coaster
Had to have my drink.... Midori Sour.  As one of my co-worker said, she hasn't seen one since College.  Yep, I'm just young at heart.
Got half a dozen of East Coast Oysters.  You get to choose either Gulf Coast or East Coast and since I was taught the yummy-ness of East Coast, once you go East you can't go back.
Got the Oven Roasted Cauliflower, it's pretty delicious.  Butter and cheese, cannot go wrong.
This is the Shishito and Shroom, which is tempura styled light batter to fried the mushroom and pepper.  It was actually lighter than I thought.  It comes with a Sriracha dipping sauce, which is more like a mix of Sriracha and mayo mix.
For entree, I was debating between crab cake and fish and chips... so I went with Fish and Chips.  Cute tray arrived.
In real life, that thing was huge, because it was a bucket, which is the 3 big pieces of fish you see on top, so all of that to the bottom is nothing but fries...
This is the crab cake, which is what I should've gotten.  It was a real deal, decent size of crab chunks in the mix.  Even the brussle sprouts was yummy.
The only dessert they offer, the birthday cake.  It does come with sprinkles and a candle.  Sadly, the cake is nothing like the rest of the food... it tasted like it came out of a box, that's just sad because for $7 and they aren't even made from scratch and the icing was so-so, keep your calories and walk down to City Center and get something else.

The neat thing is that they are owned by the same owners as Bowl and Barrel, which is a very fancy bowling alley with awesome menu.  Bowling has never tasted so good.

General Public
797 Sorella Ct
Houston, TX 77024

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