Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tout Suite - Memorial City Mall

We were at Memorial City Mall for an event.  Figured go check out Tout Suite.
 As far as a mall cafe concern, this is a nicer one.  It's super convenience, it's between Target and Penny/ Children clothing corridor.  
 Thank goodness they still offer the yummy macarons...
They have a condensed menu here.  I had wanted salmon toast, but they didn't have any, so ended up w/ Mushroom toast.  Don't underestimate this one slice, it's huge, and they topped the mushroom tight.  They have cold mushroom, Gournay cheese, and little bit of green stuff.  It sure was messy to eat.  While I was eating it, I was thinking, had this be salmon, I wouldn't mind being all big mouth in front of strangers.  That said, they didn't have any, so mushroom it was.  And couple of bites in, mushroom went everywhere, sure was not pretty....

Anyway, this is counter style.  They have a beautiful display case full of pastry, macaron, and other baked goods.  In front of where you order, they also have a colorful case full of dessert.  YUM!  You order, you pay, they give you a number and they bring you your food.  They have special reserved seating there next to them, and it's very communal, but trust me, mall is so loud, you can only hear your own party.

Tout Suite
Memorial City Mall
303 Memorial City
Ste 571
Houston, TX 77024

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