Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Tore Ore

After doing the iFly with a co-worker, decided to grab some Korean food.  It's right down the exit anyway.
 Nothing looked appealing but you know what does? Kimchi Fries... yum!
 But first, let's get me a bubble tea... yum!
Kimchi fries.  This is fully loaded, super filling.  Not just fries, there's kimchi, and bulgogi meat on there.  So think of it as meat, potato, and veggie, it's practically a full meal.  It has hot sauce and mayo on top.  It's super yummy and addictive.  And for a weakling like me who can't handle spicy food, this is one that I would keep eating.

The Tore Ore
inside H-Mart
1302 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX  77055

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