Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sushi Wabi

Met up with a friend for casual dinner at Sushi Wabi.
 Not on purpose, but ended up at Happy Hour, so we went a tad crazy.
 Since it's Happy Hour... let's start w/ Agadeshi Tofu.  Love the bonito flakes.  LOVE!
Vegetable tempura, it was ok until the broccoli, where the batter was filling in all the gap, so instead of a batter flash fried, it's deep fried w/ tons of batter.  Mouthful of batter, bleh.
Sorry for the upside down, this is the Geisha Roll, which has crab meat, avocado, spicy salmon, tempura-ed and then put eel sauce on it.  YUMMO!

That was way too much food, luckily we split most of this.  Happy Hour deal here is pretty good.  Before the real estate for parking was scarce, but now that the anchor store is closed, plenty of parking around.  Just make sure you watch the signs.

Sushi Wabi
3953 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

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