Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sushi Wabi

Yet another Mom's night out...
Dinner was at Sushi Wabi, and we were there early enough to catch Happy Hour.  Wohoo!
Got the agedashi tofu, fried tofu in shoyu soy sauce with bonito flakes, some onion flakes, and grated daikon.  YUM!
Vegetable tempura... let's be honest, I really just want the sweet potato, that's the bomb!
Wango Mango Roll, it has obviously mango, salmon and avocado inside, tobiko (caviar) and mango sauce on top.  It is pretty filling on its own.
But, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so I got another one too.  Geisha Roll, which has kani (crab), avocado, spicy salmon and eel sauce.

I like this mom and pop shop.  They made sure we were taken care of even it was semi large group.  They also stop by before the 7pm cut off for Happy Hour to make sure we get anything we needed.  Good food, good service, can't ask for more.  Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 3-7pm, Weekends 3-6pm.
Sushi Wabi
3953 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

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