Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MF Sushi

Finally made it to the anticipated MF Sushi.  Been meaning to go try them since they moved, just haven't got the time.
Last time I was there, was at the location.  The reincarnation is 100 times nicer than the previous dig.
Beautiful sushi bar, where the chefs 'refrigeration' is embedded at the counter.
Got me an iced green tea to start.
This is the Madai appetizer, it was super fresh.  They had used some oil to 'enhanced' the flavor, but to me, it was hindering since the fish is already doing a good job.  No need to mask it if it's not necessary.
This is the Ankimo, which is monk fish liver.  
Side view, so you can see the pretty creation.  To me, it's very much like pate, which is not saying a lot.  I was impressed with the presentation of it.
This is the Kaki Fry, which was recommended by our server.  And boy, was she right.  It was delicious, the little chunks were oysters and they were so yummy.  Not to mention juicy.  I highly recommend getting that.  It was so impressive that the people sitting at the bar were asking what it was.
Salmon tatami, as per Yelpers' recommendation.
Side view, it's not bad, but too spicy for my taste.
Got the waygu beef roll.  I'm one of those people that if you put the word waygu on it, I'm going to have to find out if it's any decent.  Even at the risk of having a dud.  So, this is no dud, it does taste good, but I was hoping for more taste out of it.  Not sure if that makes sense, like I know it can taste even fuller, but it was just not there.
Grilled Japanese Egglpant.  Yes, they bring you the grill too.  Sadly, this was the best dish of the night.  The sauce and the eggplant went to well it was licking worthy.  Good thing I didn't, because it's a real fire under there.
Ordered the sushi sampler, figured what the heck.  They put way too much truffle oil on the salmon when they don't need to.  After eating it, I felt like I need to get a paper towel to soak up the oil, it was that much.  The rest of the sushi wasn't any fresher than the ones you get a the mom and pop shop.  That was very disappointing.
Got the chopped scallop, asked for mild but it was pretty darn spicy.  Didn't even have the heart to finish it.
Madai sushi, which was ok.

It's sad that with the skilled chefs they boasts that they have, the quality of fish was just so-so.  I could get that quality at any given spot, no need to come here for it.  I also asked for uni (sea urchin), it was reserved for omakase only, not sure if that's the normal practice or you do have to call in advance to get some, but supposedly the ones they have are pretty fresh.  Too bad, won't know.

They also don't have any dessert, per se.  They have mochis, but let's face it, it's none other than the ones you get from the grocery store and cut them in half and sell them to me.  That was disappointing.  Overall, the trip wasn't as great as after I ate at Uchi or Kuu.  As much hype as they have, I was hoping for more, like my first trip at MF back at the old location. But, guess you can't win them all.

Don't just walk in and expect a table, call in advance and make a reservation.  That said, their tables are packed together pretty tight.  We were able to hear the entire conversation at the table next to us, which were having a very awkward first date that the guy didn't realize towards the end that he wasn't going to have any action.  It was interesting entertainment, but very intimate.

MF Sushi
1401 Binz St
Houston, TX 77004

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