Monday, October 3, 2016


Occasionally, you just want some decent fried chicken.
I like going to Jollibee.  Friendly staff, quick service, most importantly...
their friend chicken is never dry.  You don't feel like you ate the grease after every bite, and the meat is nice and moist.  I still don't quite understand the gravy part of the meal, but it's nice of them to give you, if that's a thing.  Another item that is a 'thing', is that they will also serve the fried chicken with spaghetti.  It's a thing, not a thing I've tried, but should you want to, it's there.

One thing I'm intrigue is their spam slider.  No one fast food joint would sell that, so I'm just curious. It may very well be just buns and spam, but just curious.  Plus for a dollar, I don't mind the experiment.  However, when I was there, they were out, so if you get a chance, try it.

8001 S. Main Ave
Houston, TX 77025

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