Thursday, October 20, 2016


Had dinner over by River Oaks District, and have been seeing these beautiful gelato cones on Instagram.
It's at Amorino next to iPic in the shopping center.  Small store front, needs to keep your eyes peeled.
They have various gelato and sorbeto, too many to choose from.  They also have unique flavors that you don't see everywhere to.  Of course, taste testing is our favorite part.
I got the 'small' cone, for $5.50, it's just right for one person.  The next size up, has another layer of petals and they have you a mini cone on top.  The large size has yet another layer of petals and a macaron in the middle.  You really need to share that one.
Final product!  Ta da!  The manager said you can have as many flavor as you want, from what I can tell the max is 6 flavors, one per petal and center.  That said, I find that for this size, 3 is just right.  Maybe 4/5 for the next size up.  But it sure is pretty

4444 Westheimer Rd
Unit C150
Houston, TX 77027

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