Monday, May 26, 2014

MF Sushi

I have never been to MF Sushi before the fire, but I tried to get there right after.
First impression at the door, it's super dark and we can't tell whether they are opened or not.  It's only a peek at the door to find that the hostess is waiting on us.  She probably thought what do people keep peeking in... we just can't tell if it's opened or not.
I was talked into a cocktail.  This is a Tokyo Rise, which has lime, wine, Grand Manier.  It is a bit sweet, but definitely has its share of alcohol.
This is a very traditional quick roll: the Kanpyo roll, which is a Japanese melon squash roll.  It is veggie type, so very easy and quick for starter.
Then we have the Osaka Box Style Roll #2.  Beware, there are 2 on the menu named exactly the same, this is the first one of its name.  The interesting thing is how the roll is composed.  A layer of rice, layer of spicy tuna, another layer of rice, then layer with Tuna/Salmon mix on top with masago, scallion, and sirracha for taste.  

First of all, the fish were super fresh.  The hot sauce wasn't overpowering.  Lastly, how this roll is compose you don't see alot around town, I definitely recommend getting this again.
This Madai.  I've been hooked on Madai wherever I got these days.  It is sea bream with ponzu sauce and some caviar on top.  Super fresh and you can definitely taste the rice has vinegar.  
This is their chopped scallops.  Though fresh, it wasn't as good as the Madai as a follow up.  But it's still good nonetheless.

All of their sushi is very Jiro-eques, small and dainty pieces.  Fit your mouth perfectly.  Don't ask questions, just eat.  They do an omakase for $75, and you must be seated in the bar.   While we were there, there was a couple seated near us that just came in for a drink.  While their cocktail is pretty good, it's a waste of the table if you are not eating there.  Then my friend overheard a table near us that the guest specifically said they're not interested in fish and wanted vegetarian.  First off, you're at a Japanese restaurant, why did you come in?  You could've figured it out at the parking lot.  Then, which they do have decent salad, there are so much more that are vegetarian friendly, why stick to just one thing.  That's just curious as a restaurant-goer.

MF Sushi
5887 Westheimer Road
(at Foutainview)
Houston, TX 77057

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