Monday, May 19, 2014

Coppa Osteria

Now that Coppa has the Rice Village location, it's very convenient to stop by for a quick lunch.
Especially on a Saturday when you're trying to think of a place to go.  Heading out to Coppa is a quick and easy trip.  Not to mention you can literally skip thru the hustle and bussle of the Village itself.
For appetizer, I got anchovy.  I had hope for something salty, instead this entire dish was super lemon-y.  You can see the zest of lemon on top of the dish.  I can tell you, there's a ton of lemon juice as well.  The lemon over powers every other flavor palette you were hoping to get.  Just take a bite of a lemon.
I get my good o' usual, Rigatoni with proscuitto sans peas.  Not a fan of peas.  But I love this dish because of the cheesy cream sauce.  It's delicious and filling.  Of course, what's good with cheese?  More cheese.  I usually ask for a small side of parmesan, which they're more than happy to oblige.    Talk about delicioso.  

Parking at the Village to get to Coppa can be challenging.  You can try your luck on the street.  Or you can meter park, make sure you read the signs.  They are pretty active on the ticket writing in the area.  Last but not lease, part at the garage adjacent to the restaurant.  It is $1/hr, it's not unreasonable, plus it's keeps your car in the shade for the summer heat.  I'd do it if free parking is not available.

Coppa Osteria
Rice Village
5120 Morningside 
Houston, TX 77005

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