Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brick & Spoon

Told you we'd be back... it wasn't long since the last time I went there.
This time it was better, we went during a week day, and there's no 45 minute wait for a table in that small place.
I was so tempted to get the Banana Foster ever since the first time I sat down and saw the menu.  So, finally, here it its... It's banana foster over French Toast.  They gave me a small side of syrup, which you really don't need with the sauce that came from caramelized banana.  It also have pecan, sauce, and endless amount of powder sugar.
This is my eyes were bigger than my stomach... I thought I needed a side of bacon, because who would say no to a side of bacon?  It was a smoked bacon, and you can taste that.  But I was so full, I swear someone should've been there to roll me out.  Haha... so lesson learned!

Brick & Spoon
1312 W. Alabama
near Montrose
Houston, TX 77006

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