Tuesday, May 20, 2014


First of all, I'm going to warn you, this is a picture heavy post... if you don't want to read words but look at pictures.  Have had it.  If you want words, scroll down to the bottom.
The outside... when I went they were still in soft opening mode, it's already quite popular.  Now they are officially opened and while they do not do lunch, you can still drool over it via pictures.
They have two value BBQ Courses, that is a good deal instead of ordering bit by bit.  The $60 for two is actually good enough for 3 people.  They have a mix of meat, seafood and veggie.  For the meat lovers, they have value deal for $55.
To start: edamame
Cup of miso soup
Nice salad
Spicy Tuna Volcano.  It's rice, in sushi shape - fried, topped with tuna and seaweed.
In these mystery pouches are: 
Spinach, which they don't give it enough credit because it's very delicious.
In the other pouch, it's mushroom medley.
Bibimbap - which is very good.  The rice is super nice because of the sauce that they mix it with.  The beef isn't that good... the good stuff is to come.
Short ribs
Skirt steak - it was a tad dry.
Garlic Shrimp
Once cooked - looks like this.
Garlic Chicken, they are selling it with the cheese fondue.  It's really a cubes of Velveeta and you put that on the grill to melt.  Once you melted them, you're supposed to dip the chicken in it.  The chicken was a tad dry, and I did try it with the cheese.  Just not my thing.  But, good idea in concept. 
For dessert: S'More
It's been awhile since I done it, but it's not that hard to figure out, right?!

If you do go, I suggest you try to go during the early seating because it does get crowded quickly and easily.  They now accepts reservations, so do that before you go.  Parking can be a challenge, the shopping center is not that big and there's alot of shops already in place, so they have limited spaces.  You can drive around the block and try to find a spot, but with all the bars in the area, you are competing for space.  I parked a couple blocks down, which seems far on the way in.  But, after a big meal that walk back to the car helps with digestive.  

Gyu Kaku
510 W. Gray St
Suite A
Houston, TX 77002

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