Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teahouse Macarons

So I saw that Teahouse in the mall sells macarons, I was highly curious.
They have alot of flavors there are all lined up and pretty...
What intrigued me was that they have Taro & Thai Tea, which are very 'Asian' flavors.  I say that because those flavor palette you tend to see in Asian bakeries, definitely not mainstream.
This is their Thai Tea flavor, the taste is really close to the real Thai Tea.  Turns out, if you were to make that, you can use couple teaspoons of the instant tea into the batter, and you can get that flavor. 
Back to this macaron, you can see the pied is perfect and the shell doesn't crumble up easily.  The buttercream was nice and soft, and you can tell it's fresh.  One speculation I have is that the baker is using a macaron maker kit because it came out super flat but still have the the feet.

I did ask who bake these delicious cookies, the counter person just said that a lady in Sugarland, friend of the owner did it.  So, sounds like they have this person exclusively, but if she is doing it from home, then you have to catch them while you can because they are not mass produced.  I highly recommend it, and will go back for more.

Galleria Mall
Food Court across from Smoothie King
5085 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77056

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