Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brick and Spoon

I heard about Brick & Spoon, a Louisiana transplant, a while back.
This nested on W. Alabama right behind St. Thomas University in the Montrose area.  And quite a popular brunch spot.
Mainly thanks to the popular Big Spoon Bloody Mary menu.  Not only can you pick your own vodkas, you can add veggie, meat/cheese, eggs, and temperature.  Yes, you read correctly: eggs, meat, and cheese are available with your drink.  That drink is not small either...
No bloody mary here... we split the Beignet.  Yes, the whole plate is powdered sugared up.  But the beignet was all dense all the way.  I'm used to the light and fluffy ones, a la Cafe du Monde.  Now the fruit marmalade is great, but too much bread for me.
The breakfast tacos is also very heavy duty.  What you see there is no normal taco shells.  These are a sheet of fried wonton skin holding veggie, pico, chorizo, sour cream, cheese and salsa.  Now, in terms of function, it held up very well.  But in terms of taste, it felt super heavy because of all the fried shell you get per mouthful.  That just reminds me of why taco shell is fried tortilla and not thicker.  

Not all is lost on this trip... now I get to see what else is on the menu, I'll go back and try something else.  I would say, if you go during breakfast/brunch prime time, it will be busy and be prepare to wait.  The seating is limited because that building formerly was a house, so by the time they put in a commercial kitchen and full bar, they don't have much room for seating.  You park across the road on Alabama, so be sure to watch traffic.  If not, side streets are available, but bring your patience to both parking and waiting.

Brick & Spoon
1312 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

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