Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Eloise Nichols

Went to lunch with some colleagues, we ended up at Eloise Nichols.
To my surprise, the inside is very cool and transform you to a vacation spot.  With the nice weather, you might just convince yourself.
I got the brussels sprouts, it has been cartelized with sugar and fish sauce.  Not too salty like some places that used soy sauce.  They did went heavy handed on the sesame though.  But it even convinced the anti-brussels sprout person into eating 2 spoonfuls of it.
I got the poke bowl, which is all the rage right now.  It came with plantain chips.  The bowl obviously have tuna, scallions, avocado, cashew, you can't see the rice, but it's at the bottom.  You mix it all up, and it ended up to be a very filling rice bowl.  Between the nuts, veggies and tuna, it was a lot.  It makes a very full meal.

The service was nice.  We get seated right away.  The bar is really neat and the decor really tries to transport you to someone's home in Havana (not that I've ever been) but it has this homey feel to it.  And I am looking forward to coming here for Happy Hour, because the bar looks so inviting.

Eloise Nichols
2400 Mid Lane
Houston, TX 77027

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