Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Agu Ramen

It's a rare occasion that I'm down on Westheimer for lunch.
Decided to stop at Agu, which I do occasionally dream about their broth.  Mmm...
Quick start - Iced Green tea.  The place is not big at all, some seating at the bar, couple of big tables and bunch of smaller tables and booth.
Appetizer: takoyaki.  I like theirs ok, not too much batter, and you do get some squid/calamari in there.  Sauce, is of course why we get it... is delicious.
I got the Tonkotsu Shoyu ramen - broth has been seeping for 24 hours, nice and tender pork, 60 degree egg, bamboo, scallions, some black sesame paste.  

I will say, the broth is the most layered and complex all across town.  The other one that tops it is the Agu Kotteri, which you can almost taste every hour they've put into the broth.  Noodle itself is nice, not too soggy, everything taste nicely together.  You don't feel like the pork was cooked separate from the broth where you can really taste the difference.

I will say, despite the place is small, they have enough tables to keep 2 servers and a bartender busy.  I was there for lunch, place wasn't seated fully but between getting my servers attention and wait for food, it did took an hour for one person.  Granted, I wasn't in a hurry that day, but since there's alot of offices around, I bet they do get crowded during lunch time.  So, time yourself accordingly.  

There are side parking on the side of the building, but there are additional parking at the back and next door.  Take advantage of that.

Agu Ramen Bistro
9310 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Tx 77063

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