Thursday, February 22, 2018


Rare occasion that I get to go to Aka on a weekend. 
Started with Iced Green Tea.
Agadashi Tofu - nice and hot.  Fresh out of the fryer.
Stewed Pork Belly, the egg was too cold for my taste.  But the pork belly was flavorful, just wish it's stewed for a bit longer, and be softer and more tender.
Had a spicy salmon roll, with salmon skin handroll, and eel handroll.

Everything I had was delicious.  We didn't get my favorite server, but the other server are up to snub too.  I like that on Saturday, Sunday they have Happy Hour all day.  While not the entire menu on Happy Hour menu, but alot of yummy dishes are, so have no fear.  Show up and eat some good food.

Aka Sushi
2390 W. Alabama
Houston, Tx 

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